How to get FREE 500 plays on SoundCloud

How to get FREE 500 plays on SoundCloud

How to get FREE 500 plays on SoundCloud

In this article, we wanted to explain in more detail how our promotion system works, and what are the exact steps that you need to do to…

In this article, we wanted to explain in more detail how our promotion system works, and what are the exact steps that you need to take to get free 500 plays on your track on SoundCloud. 🆓▶️🔁

You will see what Bryder Network is all about, and get familiar with our powerful Promotion Platform.❤️

So this is a complete step by step guide that will lead you through the entire process. You can follow along on your desktop or mobile device, either way it will work the same. Let’s get started! 🔥🔥🔥

Obviously, the starting point is to go to our website:

If you scroll down from the initial greeting banner with our logo and mission, you will see the offer to get 500 plays with a big orange button to start the process.

Click on it! 👇

Offer to get free 500 plays

When you do so, it will lead you to our so called “Promo gate” page.

There, you will get a popup to like our Facebook Page. This step is optional, but we’d appreciate if you do so, as from time to time we tend to post some giveaways there for your benefit, in the form of additional free promotion. 🎁

Bryder Network Facebook Popup

After you click on the blue “Continue” button to close the modal, you can proceed and click on the “Get Started” button.

Get Started

Now you will see the “Connect with SoundCloud” button, along with some explanation.

Connect with SoundCloud

When you click on that button, you will be redirected to the secure SoundCloud page to login with your account. If you’re already signed in, just click on “Connect and Continue”. 👍

Otherwise, type your email address and password and “Sign in and Connect”.

After signing in, you will be redirected to our Promotion Platform. 🙌

Now before we continue, let’s see what happened in this moment. Remember what was written in the explanation on the previous step?

*By connecting, you will like and repost our featured track and follow our accounts.

This means that the song displayed on the previous page will be liked and reposted on your SoundCloud account. Also, you will follow a couple of our network accounts which greatly helps us in further growing our reach. 🙏

Now we need to stress this out: We will never be doing any other actions from your SoundCloud account, other than what is clearly stated to you on our website. 👍

Okay, now that we’ve got this cleared up, and you’ve successfully logged in, let’s see what the Promotion Platform looks like. 👀

Promotion Platform — Dashboard

Straight away, you will notice that you already have 400 points on your account, which we gifted to you to help you get started. 🤗

If you check your notifications, you will see a welcoming message from us. 🔔

Now go back to the Dashboard page, type your email address in the field and confirm it, after which you should receive a verification email. 📧

In case you misspelled your email address, you have a chance to change it. If you haven’t received the confirmation mail, you can click on the button and we will resend it. 🔃

Make sure you check the “Promotions” tab if you’re a gmail user, or your Spam folder just in case if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

Confirmation Email

After you click the button in the verification email, you will see a success message. ✅

Note: If you don’t complete the email verification step, you will not be able to submit your track for 500 plays. If you haven’t received the email after multiple attempts, please write to us here and include your email address and SoundCloud account link in the message, and we’ll sort you out. 💪

If you go to the “Spend Points” page, you will see that you can pick a song that you’d like to promote for 500+ plays. Now this dropdown list will show only the public tracks on your SoundCloud account that you haven’t promoted before for 500 plays, so make sure you have some uploaded. ☁️

Also, you can see that it takes 500 points to submit a track for promotion, and we’ve currently got 400. So let’s see the two possible options you can use to immediately start earning some more points. 🚀

The first one is SoundCloud Actions: Likes, Reposts and Comments.

Each action earns you 5 points, and you can select which action you want to make for each track. The total number of actions that you can do per day is 30, which means you can earn 150 points from SoundCloud actions every single day. 🧮

You have the option to skip the track, if it’s not in your taste. ⏭️

Make sure you leave meaningful and supportive comments. We check them, and reward good ones with 10 additional points. We also block users from commenting who leave offensive comments or delete them. 💬

Keep in mind that the actions you make on here are reflected on your SoundCloud account. If you remove the like or repost from your account, you will lose the points that you earned for them. ⚠️

The second way to earn points is YouTube Views.

Similiar concept to the one above, except here you get rewarded for watching YouTube videos. ▶️

You need to watch at least 30 seconds of the video before you can claim 5 points for it. Again, you can skip the videos that you don’t like. ⏭️

If you dig what you just watched, we’d like to encourage you to keep watching longer or check the full video directly on YouTube where you can like, subscribe and leave a comment or maybe even connect with the creator. 💡

You can watch 10 videos every day and earn 50 points. The counter for both SoundCloud actions and YouTube videos resets to zero at midnight (UTC), after which you can get more points. 🕛

As you can see, you can quickly reach 500 points and submit your first track for 500+ plays promotion. 🎉

But it doesn’t end here. If you continue gathering points, you can keep promoting more tracks on your SoundCloud account. 💗

After you submit a track, the promotion will start almost immediately. You will see a repost on your track from one of our network channels, and you can check the results directly on SoundCloud, but also follow the progress on our “Spend Points” page. 📈

It takes about one day for the promotion to be completed, and you will usually get more than 500 plays, as well as some likes, reposts and comments, all depending on your track. 🥰

After all, as you probably already figured it out by yourself, your track will also show up on the “Earn Points (SoundCloud Actions)” page for other users to check out. 👪

That’s it! Thank you for reading until the end, and thank you for being part of our community. Our goal is to help music artists promote their music and supporting each other is the fastest way to do this. 🤲

Hopefully, you now have a bit of a better understanding on how our promotion system works (this is just one part btw), and managed to follow the steps to get the free promotion that we offer.

We hope everything was clear, as we tried to keep it as simple and concise as possible, while still providing some additional and useful information. 🛈

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to write to us, as we’re always looking for new ways to improve. 💡

In the following articles, we will talk more about the promotion packages on our website, show how you can become an official Bryder Network partner, as well as describe the benefits of our Partnership Program.

See you next time! 👋